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The Singapore & Asia Food Fair 4th -7th May2023, a highly anticipated gastronomic event, has successfully introduced the unique and vibrant Singaporean hawker culture to South Africans this year through a series of food exhibitors (B2B2C), cooking demonstrations, and cultural exchanges.

The event, held at the Outdoor Arena of Montecasino in Johannesburg, attracted over 3,000 visitors and food enthusiasts eager to explore the diverse culinary offerings of Singapore and Asian cuisines. The spotlight was on Singapore's Hawker Culture, which was inscribed on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020.
The food fair was a significant platform to showcase Singapore’s unique rich culinary tradition. The food fair featured 18 food exhibitors
,each offering a unique taste of Singaporean hawker fare, including iconic dishes such as chilli crab, satay, Hainanese mooncakes, Teo Chew yam pastes, Nanyang old coffee, laksa, bak kwa, pineapple tarts and other traditional South East Asian food. Visitors also enjoyed other Asian delights, such as Vietnamese pho, kaya sandwiches and AI robotic fried rice, further broadening their palates and appreciation for the region's culinary diversity.


The event also included trade mission in South Africa and it was a success, with our delegates showcasing their exceptional food products to key players in the industry. We visited prominent companies such as Bidfood, OBC Centurion, JCCI, Pick & Pay, and Ocean Basket, leaving a lasting
impression and establishing valuable connections within the South African market.

Participants gained valuable knowledge about the South African food and beverage sector, established meaningful connections with local industry players, and laid the groundwork for potential collaborations. It created a solid foundation for future trade relations,
demonstrating the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships between international and South African companies in the food and
beverage industry.

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Strategic Partners

Participants@Singapore & Asia Food Fair May 2023

 The Singapore & Asia Food Fair 2023 has been an incredible experience, and it's fantastic to see so many people eager to explore, taste and learn about our UNESCO-Listed Hawker Culture which is unique to Singapore," said Ezekiel Ang, CEO of Biz AfricaEvents Pte Ltd.
"We had received many positive feedback from the visitors over the uniqueness of Singapore food and many were asking where and how they can get these food in the future.

A partnership MOU was signed between a Singapore & South Africa company to establish a Singapore Food Mall in South Africa
to continue promoting our Hawker Culture Heritage. We are glad that this event had helped in promoting a greater understanding and appreciation for the culinary traditions of Singapore and Asia. We look forward to bringing in more Singapore Food to other African nations through similar event platforms next year.”.


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