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Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities at our exciting

Taste of Singapore & Asia Roadshow taking place from 27th April to 29th April 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Check out new products, find out more and come for some tasting at our participants' showcase at the roadshow.

Bee Yee Product Shot v2.png


Since 1967... formerly at Shenton Way - Sin Chew Jit Poh backlane.


BEE YEE FAMOUS KWAY TEOW FISH BALL NOODLE operated from pushcarts every morning... then moved to old Lau Pa Sat, Amoy Street, New Lau Pa Sat, Orchard Tower, Orchard Plaza, Commonwealth Drive and now 26 Jalan Membina (Foodloft Coffee shop). 


They have developed Singapore's first ever fresh Mee Pok noodle kit ready in 20 secs upon preparation, full of the authenticity of noodle sauces for a traditional Mee Pok Noodle. Unlike instant noodles, they use only fresh ingredients without preservatives. pork or lard. Simple to prepare and just so delicious. Add some ingredients of your own and you have that yummy plate conveniently ready for a meal. These well packed boxes of Mee Pok noodle are perfect when you have that Asian craving for food or simply for a late-night supper!

They are one of Singapore’s heritage food showcases, and have market presence in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, USA and Switzerland. Wow, that’s a huge accolade.

Poised now to embark on a business journey to Africa!

Come try some noodles with BEE YEE, everyone!


TAN SOON MUI FOOD INDUSTRIES traces its humble beginnings since 1974, where the popularity and demand for producing delicious traditional Asian desserts steadily grew with time. From premium top quality products to well-loved favourites,


Tan Soon Mui Food Industries is dedicated to serving delicate traditional Asian desserts with absolute highest level of commitment and integrity.  One of Singapore's Leading Asian Desserts Manufacturers, with main products such as Sensoh Grass Jelly Drink in sealed packs and Black Coffee, they bring to our local market many popular traditional authentic Asian desserts.

Sweeten up the African market with some well-liked Asian desserts with TAN SOON MUI!

Tan Soon Mui Screen Shot.png
Yang-le products showcase v2.png


SUNSHINE EDUCATION AND FOOD IMPORTS, is an encompassing wholesale company committed to excellence and that provides good quality food products & beverages.

Always on the lookout for better quality food products with a focus on dried seafood, bird's nest, raw ginseng, cordyceps, herbal dietary supplements such as pure ginseng and pure cordyceps powder in capsules, milk tea & alcohol (brandy, whisky, vodka, rum and health wine) from famous origins,


Sunshine Education and Food Imports delivers the highest quality products at its best value. With a comprehensive range of products for selection, they also cater to a discerning segment in health products for the TCM practitioners and their herbal supplement also caters to supplement distributors and retailers. They also seek to open new channels in liquor distribution.

Get boosted in health with some Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs in Africa! There’s gonna be SUNSHINE in Africa!


SMOO HOLDINGS PTE LTD specializes in creating innovative marketing and promotion solutions for Food and Beverage companies. With a passion for technology and a deep understanding of the industry, Smoo Holdings enhances businesses' brand visibility, customer engagement, and drives business growth.

A loyalty program rewarding its members in spending, where members earn points by purchasing products or services from participating merchants, including a variety of businesses such as food retailers, restaurants, FMCG retailers and more was developed with the customers’ and merchants’ needs in mind. The points can then be used for further transactions with these merchants. The platform also offers advertising opportunities and features a marketplace for deals and promotions. The technology can be used globally and ready to deploy and branded in South Africa.

Get in business with SMOO HOLDINGS in Africa!

Smoo Holdings screenshot.png
SIM SOON HENG product shot.png


At SIM SOON HENG COOKING INGREDIENTS PTE LTD, a homegrown brand with over 45 years of expertise developing and manufacturing quality sauces, flavoring is both an art and a science. Whether it is creating savory notes with umami, contrasting sourness with richness or adding liveliness with some spicy heat, the experienced team takes their craft seriously.


SIm Soon Heng delivers quality and flavorful sauces made from natural ingredients manufactured under HACCP Production Control. Our Healthier choice products are 25% lower in sodium and 25% lower in sugar. SSH's extensive range of products caters to various culinary professionals and enthusiasts, from restaurants and hawkers to school canteen stall owners and individual home chefs! They also offer customized OEM services to business clients, tailored for both local sales and international exports.

Explore new taste journeys with SIM SOON HENG's award-winning Chili Crab Sauce within the African markets! Get saucy! ;-)


SAVORY ORIGIN PTE LTD ventured into Otah (fish paste) manufacturing and has grown to be probably the oldest and leading Halal Otah manufacturer since 1987 with the brand – 1st Grade Otah (now rebranded as Savory Origin).


They distribute island-wide to hawker centers, coffeeshops, bazaars, night markets, schools, F&B outlets, central kitchens, catering companies, BBQ distributors, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and homes.

Their tasty products have gone through HACCP certification and are Halal certified and their core products are raw and frozen otahs, which are quick and convenient food products. Both freshly made and frozen otah products showcases traditional authenticity in a new way. Variety of flavors include spicy and non-spicy.


Besides just the flavorful freshly made and frozen otahs to their range of products, there are also frozen otah pizzas, dumplings and fishcakes. Otah Flavors include Mala, and Nonya Spice. 

Get excited with tantalizing new taste with traditional nostalgia with SAVORY ORIGIN's otahs at South Africa!

Savory Origin product shot v2.png


Founded in 2011, GEMCHAMP TRADING PTE LTD is a professional enterprise engaged in deep processing of seafood products. Their main products include frozen whole squid, frozen shrimp/shrimp meat, elongated shrimp, frozen surimi, frozen crab stick, frozen hairtail, frozen crab/Crab block, frozen octopus, frozen cuttlefish, frozen sand barracuda, frozen mackerel etc. "Mantianxiang" brand production is part of their business.

Their frozen prawn balls of different flavors such as the original, wasabi and truffle are some of their popular products sold in the local market. Easy and fuss-free to prepare, this snack food can also be a tasty dish to any daily meal, and good for both homes and food services. Such snacks are highly popular with children, and great as finger foods!

Get sea-faring with GEMCHAMP's seafood products in the African markets!

Gemchamp product shot-prawn balls v3.png
MF - Screenshot 2024-03-05 010911_edited


MF IMPORT AND EXPORT PTE LTD is an import and export business with focus on bringing Asian food products to South Africa and vice versa. Currently they have a range of premium grade Korean tea powders for which they are building distribution and supply channels as well as for frozen seafood products.

Their main aim is to introduce a collection of Asian food products that create new buzz in the food scene in the African markets and establish distribution channels that cater to households and food service partners for the African people to enjoy new Asian tastes. And likewise, they seek to bring new foods such as African food products into the Asian market.

Get tuned into the vibes of the African food distribution and supply network with MF IMPORT AND EXPORT!


MEDIC HEALTH PTE LTD was established in the year 2009 with the mission to provide protective care for health. During the pandemic, products for protective care against viruses are at the top of their agenda. Medic Health seeks to work with reliable, trusted and certified manufacturers and suppliers.

Believing that health is for everyone, and ever so important to start young, Medic Health knows well to include children as one of their key focuses, catering to their health with products to help boost their immunity during this extraordinary time period. They seek to expand this market segment.


Among their core product range, the kids' supplements are their star products. This being one of their forte.

Get an early entry point into kids' healthcare in Africa with MEDIC HEALTH!

Medic Health Sreenshot.png
AIROWATER Screenshot 2024-03-07 131016.png


AIROWATER PTE LTD specializes in atmospheric water systems, engineered for households and commercial needs. 


​They are dedicated to bringing to market these water solutions that are innovative and efficient.

Their Atmospheric AIR-O-WATER water machines draw pure water from the atmosphere. The water goes through an air filtration stage and four water filtration stages. The filtered water is removed of chlorine, sediments, impurities, chemicals, heavy metals and harmful substances. The water produced has strong permeability, colorless, and odorless. The Ozonation stage increases the oxygen level in water to kill off bacteria and viruses. 


This standing appliance that fits in a reasonably small area is a modern convenient solution for homes, offices and commercial spaces. 

Be well hydrated with AIROWATER products within the African markets!


TEA OF LIFE SINGAPORE' is committed to planting tea culture in our everyday lives. The pristine essence of their heirloom teas has been preserved as each leaf is meticulously nurtured and harvested with patience, determination, and expertise.  Premium tea powders made from these tea leaves are also consumed daily by many and used widely commercially. 



Their tea powder products are highly popular and very well accepted by distributors, wholesalers, retail stores, and many chained fast-food franchises and restaurants worldwide. Featured as hot beverages or hot/cold lattes, frappes, macchiatos, or used in making ice cream, desserts, and baked goods, these tea powders come in a wide variety of flavors. When you taste it, you will ask for more. They have also a Healthier Choice range and an Organic certified range.


Tee-off with a tasty and healthy start with TOLS teas in Africa quickly!

TOLS screen shot v2.png
Tiong Bahru Yong Tau Fu.png


TIONG BAHRU YONG TAU FU PTE LTD has been making authentic traditional Yong Tou Fu since the 60s, Business began in a small pushcart stall. Every piece of Yong Tou Fu was made single handedly, tenderly crafted by its business owner. Yearning to keep the family recipe alive, the daughter started helping out at a young age. Since then, she never looked back. They have also created the Chili and YTF sauces that make you crave for more.

Yong Tou Fu is a popular well-known name for a street hawker meal that typically consists of various ingredients such as tofu, vegetables (like bitter melon, okra, and eggplant), seafood (such as fish balls and shrimp), and sometimes meat (like minced pork or chicken), all stuffed or mixed with a flavorful paste made from fish and seasoned with spices and herbs. These stuffed or mixed ingredients are then either boiled or fried and served either in a clear broth or with a side of dipping sauce.

Yong Tou Fu is known for its versatility, as diners can choose their preferred ingredients to create a personalized and satisfying meal experience.


Get acquainted with some street food from Singapore in Africa, and dip into some Yong Tou Fu by TIONG BAHRU YONG TOUFU!


HONG LIM CURRY PUFF founder had an unyielding passion and dedication, establishing his business in 1952, he artfully intertwined the distinct essence of crispy and flaky curry puff with the enduring flavors of tradition. The flavor is exquisite. 

Curry puff or "Epok Epok" are local treats featuring a crispy, crescent-shaped puff filled with tantalizing fillings, chili, sardines, otah, and yam fillings. These delightful treats by Hong Lim Curry Puff are "queue" worthy street food and part of our local food culture in Singapore. With a nice local coffee, it makes a great breakfast takeaway too. 

"Puffing" good curry puffs and some coffee in South Africa?

Hong Lim Curry Puff will be journeying to Africa in April and come join us for a tasting and a "Curry" good time!

Hong Lim Curry Puff Screenshot (3.347 x 2.1 in).png
Spicy Mama Screenshot Untitled (3.347 x 2.1 in).png


SPICYMAMA's story begins with passion and a desire to provide solutions to themselves, a group of multi-tasking mamas that are striving to achieve a balance between family and work. HOT SPICYMAMA PTE LTD wants to provide balance and healthy food for loved ones, and “Food always tastes better with our loved ones”. and some spice! 


The idea to provide ready-to-serve condiments, made with fresh ingredients, healthy, oil-less and affordable came to mind. The condiments spice up any dish in an instant, adding new bursts of flavors. Always a pleasure to have meals with just the right tasting condiment. 


Get spicy with some great tasting Asian condiments with your daily meals in Africa, and the mamas at SpicyMama are all ready for you to stock up their products!


FC ASIA PTE LTD curates a collection of coconut food products under the labels:- Coco Story and Indah Coco. 

Their Plataforma Asia, through its portfolio companies, addresses the most urgent and fundamental needs of our times, while advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to end food insecurity, address climate change and ensure prosperity for all. They are committed to impacting the future of food & nutrition for millions across the world. By enabling and securing thousands of large and marginal holding farmers, they continue to GROW MORE & FEED MORE in the most environmentally responsible ways, while improving their farm productivity and profitability.

Coco Story is a business story about coconut-based products such as desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut oil and coconut water. 


- Coconut milk is highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 & B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium etc. 

- Coconut oil is often described as the ‘healthiest oil on earth.’. It has been a traditional nutritious staple for thousands of years, used as cooking oil, salad dressing, moisturizer, hair oil, massage oil, etc.

- Desiccated coconut powder is an ideal source of healthy fat that contains no cholesterol and contains selenium, fiber, copper and manganese. 

- Coconut water is a delicious and refreshing low-calorie natural beverage. It’s packed with antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B- complex vitamins, vitamin C and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc.


Explore an exciting galore of Coconut based products with FC Asia right in Africa!

Plataforma Untitled (3.347 x 2.1 in).png
Acepac web pic.png


ACE PAC IMPORT AND EXPORT PTE LTD aces with their business focus on Butter Cookies made with 100% butter and classic snacks such as pop corns, chips and crackers.


Well-established as a snack food importer and distributor, their "mouthwatering" story begins with classic favorites such as melt-in-the-mouth butter cookies, and much-loved movie time accompaniment snack food, popcorns. 


Their global presence within Asia, the Singapore and Malaysian markets and as far reaching as Holland. establishes their strong foothold in the snack food market segment. 

The teatime butter cookies and snack products are of premium quality, and well packaged. Certainly, great classic favorites for all times in Africa!


Get snacking with Ace Pac this April in Johannesburg, South Africa!


ORANGE LANTERN GOURMET KITCHEN PTE LTD's Vietnamese cuisine has been a steadfast favorite for many who simply enjoys understated quality and authentic Vietnamese dishes, or meals.


Over 17 years in the food & beverage scene in Singapore and evolving through many business stages, they have finetuned their product offerings to cater to retail and also to corporate segments. With versality in their productization, they appeal to different tastes and palates.  With two retail outlets, catering services, and big into the online-delivery segment, they have creatively and efficiently transformed the business into a well-diversified model.


South Africa is a promising business territory. All excited to seek new partnerships, be they franchise opportunities, distribution of their frozen Vietnamese spring rolls, Orange Lantern Gourmet Kitchen is poised to make an impact!


Craving for some irresistible Vietnamese spring-rolls? Come roll along with ORANGE LANTERN GOURMET KITCHEN this April in South Africa!

Orange Lantern Pic.png
Bowl & Bowl web visual.png


Leveraging innovative and cutting-edge AI robotics, MING HING PTE LTD's BOWL & BOWL dining concept transforms local well-loved simple daily consumed fried rice and noodles to high standard, and great tasting staple dishes. They prepare their dishes with precise consistency and with speed, serving many, in busy food courts in Singapore.

Their flagship food outlet is a proven formula for better business operation efficiency, greater cost-effectiveness while improving customer experience as well as delivering uncompromising food quality. Since then, they have expanded their business to many strategic locations serving high foot traffic. Bowl & Bowl is now revolutionizing the traditional labor-intensive dining model in our competitive and dynamic Food and Beverage business landscape.

Setting itself apart with technology, their model is easily translatable into other markets. South Africa with a growing young population and consumer base ready for new and novel food concepts will be their debut franchise region, and they are excited to bring their business endeavors to new heights with the franchise model.

Ready to be "bowled over" with some BOWL & BOWL fried rice & noodles, South Africa? ✈️🌎


Creating an enjoyable journey in learning Chinese for all levels,

HAN XUE LE PTE LTD has just the right formula!


Since 1997, they have been in the business of language education with the focus on the Chinese language. With a professional team of managers and graduate language teachers from various universities in China, they have honed valuable expertise in this domain. Their progressive methodology centers on first imparting the knowledge through character recognition, allowing students to learn to read in a speedy way, before teaching them to write the characters. With their trademark Han Xue Le 汉学乐 © materials designed in-house by the founder, they have since established themselves as a reputable and premier language education provider. 

They have vast experience in setting up enrichment classes and also childcare centers, creating value in our Singapore education context. Their mission to be a leader in their field and expertise could translate into many countries over not just the Southeast Asian region but further afield.  They are actively expanding their presence to Africa, offering an online subscription model for Chinese learners, seeking the right partners in course material distribution and engaging interested parties for their franchise business.


South Africa, let's bring on the fun in learning the Chinese language! 

Come speed learn some new Chinese characters with HAN XUE LE!

Han Xue Le.png
Catery Product Shot v3.png


Diversity is key to Catery Pte Ltd's success as a wholesaler.


Since 2013, they have thrived in the market with a wide range of quality and popular Asian food products.

Their product range is interesting and great for food service, Carrying Rasaku's brand of coconut milk, Cowa's brand of coconut water, Yuen Chun's brand of herbs and spices for meal preparation, Claypot's brand of traditional herbal broth for Asian style pork rib soup dish and a delectable range of durian products, they have captured a good part of the wholesale market segment locally and provide many food service customers and consumers alike with a multitude of choice food products. 

Expanding to South Africa is the next stage of their business journey.

Ready to try what CATERY has deliciously tailored for your taste? ✈️🌎

They are going to cater to your craving for some great tasting Durians too!


Those are some “Spiky” husked fruits, which once you taste them, you would ask for more with their awesome creaminess!

Enquire about products from our participants

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